What we do

Digital print of large formats

Large format printing is mainly used for outdoor advertising. We can offer printing on PVC tarp, perforated mesh, PVC foil, and billboards as the most common forms of outdoor advertising. Print and materials are suitable for outdoor conditions. More

Digital printing of small formats

You have a possibility of printing on all types of materials. We can create PVC labels, business cards, labels, flyers, posters, brochures in any quantity that works best for you. More

Vehicle wrapping

Vehicle graphics are printed on bubble free foil with protective lamination or computer cut foil in the required color. We offer a complete service from design, printing, cutting and application on the vehicle. And there’s no limitation, we do all types of vehicles, from bikes to trucks, no matter the size. More

Citylight and illumination display

Citylight is a one-sided or two-sided lighted cabinet that accommodates a poster size of 118,5 by 175 centimeters. Located at frequented locations and integrated into the urban equipment such as bus stops, kiosks and pedestrian zones, they are mainly focused towards pedestrians.
Illumination display is made of Plexiglas front and aluminum body panels, painted according to choice. More

Interior vinyl decorating

An increasingly popular way of decorating your interior walls is making a photo wallpaper OR PVC foils (whole range of colors and for glass a foil imitation of sandblasted glass). We offer a variety of materials on which we can print or cut out a design of your choice. More

Window graphics

Window graphics are one of the fastest and easiest ways to highlight your shop to attract customers. Use it as a big ad surface which you can easily modify and point out something new. We can apply PVC foil, window graphics, cut letters or contours. More

Presentation systems

Promotional counters, roll-up stands and pop-up wall are a portable way to advertise. Easy to transport and set up. In just a few seconds, your advertisement can be placed at any location. More

Thermal printing

Any idea you have can be transferred via thermal printing on all types of synthetic and natural materials. It is ideal for smaller quantities and personalized printing. More


We offer sewing and assembly of flags according to your needs. More

3D Styrofoam cut

Advertisements and signs out of Styrofoam or polystyrene (EPS or XPS) became a hit on the world market. Due to the structure of materials advertisements are lightweight, inexpensive and do not require special experience during installation. 3D advertisements are an ideal way to advertise your company, whether you have a need for installation on the exterior of your structure or as an interior decoration. The finish is resistant to external conditions such as sun, rain, and moisture. More

CNC cutting

CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control. CNC machines are for precision cutting and for production of large batches of the same product. We can cut all kinds of plastics, wood, cardboard, Styrofoam and other non metal materials. More


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