3D Styrofoam cut

Advertisements and signs out of Styrofoam or polystyrene (EPS or XPS) became a hit on the world market. Due to the structure of materials advertisements are lightweight, inexpensive and do not require special experience during installation. 3D advertisements are an ideal way to advertise your company, whether you have a need for installation on the exterior of your structure or as an interior decoration. The finish is resistant to external conditions such as sun, rain, and moisture.

We can make items from 5 centimeters up to 3 meters high. In our gallery, you can see examples of large and small advertising made for our clients. While generating letters, we must consider the manufacturing process and that some of the letters must have an additional cut due to the appearance of letters (A, B, D, …). Such letters are afterwards modified to hide the cut if needed. After modifying comes the coloring in any color of your choice. Mounting is done with a double-sided adhesive tape for a smooth surface while for the uneven surface we recommend silicone adhesive.